How Do I Stop Snoring At Night

What causes snoring at night? If you are looking for a way to stop snoring at night, then you need to first realize the possible causes of this sleep condition. Apparently, not only men snore but women and children also experience snoring without their knowledge. Therefore, this is not something that only concerns your husband. You too could be a victim of snoring.

Why do we snore?

Snoring happens when there is a restricted passageway for air when you breathe. This restriction can come from many reasons. One possible cause of snoring at night is being overweight. When you have excess fats, it is possible that your throat lining and mucus membranes in the nasal area increases in volume layer. This means fat tissues can actually make the air passageway to become narrow. A narrower airway can then lead to forced breathing thus causing snoring.

how to stop snoringAnother possible cause of snoring is substance intake. Did you know that alcohol can actually make your muscles more relaxed. Of course, this phenomena will also involve the muscles in the throat area. When this happens, the muscles will become loose and will vibrate every time you breathe. This flap like structure in the throat and nasal cavity will then result to snoring.

Your sleeping position in bed may also result to snoring at night. If you are lying on your back, the muscles in the throat and uvula will gradually be pulled by gravity. This will then reduce the space in the throat for the air to travel. Of course, the result will be vibrations when you take in oxygen. The sound that it will produce will result to snoring.

Are there any safe snoring treatment available?

Based on the common causes of snoring mentioned above, there are ways for you to do snoring remedy at home. First, you need to reduce your weight. Being overweight has many complications not only obstructive breathing but also diabetes and heart attack. That is why an overweight person who snores at night will have a higher risk for heart attack. Snoring may not be the only factor that will predict your risk in heart disease but it is a good indicator.

Exercise can therefore reduce snoring since it will eventually give you a fit body and help you reduce stress. Take note that stress can may also result to snoring especially when the body is too tired to sleep.

Now, if the problem lies in your bed position, you can simply sleep on your sides to prevent snoring. This is a safe snore treatment since there are no drugs, medications or surgeries involved. This is ideal for younger individuals.

On the other hand, reducing alcohol intake can eventually eliminate extreme snoring. Alcohol and other relaxants can lead to frequent snoring at night. If you can moderate your intake of such beverages, you will eventually treat your snoring.

Are there any vitamins for snoring treatment? A vitamin remedy for snoring is not actually specific. if you can take multivitamins, you will be able to reduce your stress. Therefore, a stress free body will eventually cure snoring.

How about snoring in women? Snoring in children?

Women also snore at night. One possible cause of snoring in women is stress. Of course, if you are overweight and diabetic, there is a higher chance for you to experience snoring while sleeping. On the other hand, children snores may actually just due to exhaustion from playing the entire day. Otherwise, there might be some obstructions in their nasal cavity which may require check ups from a pediatrician. Almost half of the entire adult population snores so it does not matter what the gender is according to Mayoclinic.

Sleep apnea and snoring can happen at the same time. Sleep apnea happens when a person suddenly stops breathing while sleep. This condition may last up to 20 seconds which will then be followed by extreme snoring. It is best to consult a doctor for this condition. Some related snoring info can be found at the UC Hospital website.